Swimming is one of the most exciting pastimes you can ever engage in. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to enjoy the benefit of splashing into the water or going on a boat ride, or such pleasurable activities such as surfing or even fishing. This is because of one phobia, called, fear of water. This fear plagues a significant percentage of the population, both kids and adults alike. One of the ways to overcome this fear, is by enrolling in swimming lessons.  While hiring a professional personal  swimming instructor can be quite costly, there are a few facilities within your city that can offer free swimming lessons or classes at either different times of the year or month or day. This site will guide you in identifying the best instructors out there who are willing to lend their expertise for next to nothing. But here are a few reasons why swimming is a skill you and your kids need to be thoroughly familiar with:

1. Safety-During summer months especially, hardly a week passes before we are inunduated with sad news of a water-related accident such as a drowing. In order to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe when they are near a pool, a when they go fishing or surfing or boat riding, enrolling in swimming lessons is a smart thing to do.

2. Fitness-All of us want to live long healthy lives and to enjoy a high quality of life. This cannot happen if you are physically unfit. Swimming as an exercise is not only safe and fun, but it can also be one of the best workouts if you want to perfectly tone your body and mind.

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